Press Release: GEOM 2021 NL

Press Release:

The Hague, 13th March 2021

Gender Concerns International launches its Gender Election Observation Mission (GEOM NL 2021) to observe the Parliamentary Elections to be held during 15-17 March 2021 in The Netherlands

Gender Concerns International is greatly appreciative of the invitation received by the Dutch Ministry of Interior to observe the upcoming Parliamentary Elections in The Netherlands from 15 to 17 March 2021. The Organisation will facilitate its gender observation mission GEOM NL 2021 headed by Sabra Bano. Together with Joint-Head of Mission Lucyna de Graaff, Ms. Bano will lead a team of 20 International and National Observers making GEOM NL 2021 the largest election observation mission in The Netherland for upcoming elections.

Due to Covid-19, the upcoming election offers an extremely complex opportunity from administration as well observation perspectives. This is a momentous event for The Netherlands, as 10 out of the 37 contesting political parties are led by women, the highest number in its history as women seem to have emerged stronger recovering from the Covid-19 pandemic.

The GEOM NL 2021 is a women-led, women-managed and women reported unique mission.

GEOM primarily focuses on promoting inclusive governance and it supports gender parity in electoral processes in order to enabling women to obtain leadership positions and key decisions-making roles.

The mission observes elections from a specific gender perspective with standards of objectivity and neutrality. As a signatory to the Declaration of Principles for International Election Observation (DoP), the GEOM instrument represents the importance of incorporating a gender dimension to international election observation. It emphasizes on women’s democratic participation as voters, candidates and electoral officials. GEOM NL 2021 will be conducted at various locations in major cities and across The Netherlands. The mission preliminary report shall be issued for public within 72 hours after the closing of the polls on 17 March. A final report will be issued subsequently.

GEOM NL 2021 is a follow up to its pilot initiative GEOM NL 2017. It aims to observe upcoming European general elections from a unique gender perspective. Mission recognises the imperative need to observe political participation processes in the Dutch general election through a gendered lens.

Gender Concerns International has extensive international experience having conducted GEOMs in countries including Pakistan (2008 and 2013), Tunisia (2011 and 2014), Libya (2012), Myanmar (2015) and Morocco (2011, 2015 and 2016) and The Netherlands (2017). The profound change making impact of these missions has influenced the process of reform at the level of national institutions and in shaping the direction of the public discourse on women`s political participation, including The Netherlands.

Gender Concerns International is an international gender and development organisation based in The Hague working to support and advocate for women’s participation in all levels of governance and decision-making positions.

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Phone number: 0653965784

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