Gender Concerns International Observes European Parliament Elections 2024

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Observing European Parliament Elections

GEOM European Parliament Elections 2024

Gender Concerns International

The Hague, 5th June 2024

It is with great honour to announce the launch of the Gender Election Observation Mission (GEOM EP 2024) facilitated by Gender Concerns International with a scope of observing the European Parliament Elections to be held on 6th June. These elections will engage over 400 Million citizens across Europe.

The upcoming European Union elections highlight the varied commitment to gender parity across member states. While some countries achieve balanced gender representation, others show differing levels of female participation. Several nations enforce gender quotas to ensure minimum representation for both genders. This diversity underscores the EU's ongoing efforts to promote gender equality in political representation.

GEOM as a Women-led, Women-managed, and Women-reported International election observation mission will conduct a limited mission observing Election Day activities at various polling stations in The Netherlands.

The Organization will focus on facilitating the Gender Observation Mission GEOM EP2024 headed by Sabra Bano. The centrality of this Gender Observation Mission relies on women`s candidacy rate, electability, and women`s role in election administration. The Mission also considers voting patterns and facilitations for various female voters across diversity in age-group, accessibility to vote and EU mobile and other citizens.

GEOMprimarily focuses on promoting inclusive governance and it supports gender parity in electoral processes in order to enable women to obtain leadership positions and key decision-making roles. The mission observes elections from a specific gender perspective with standards of objectivity and neutrality. As a signatory to the Declaration of Principles for International Election Observation (DoP), the GEOM instrument represents the importance of incorporating a gender dimension into international election observation. It emphasizes women's democratic participation as voters, candidates and electoral officials.

GEOM EP2024 will be conducted in several locations in major cities and regions in The Netherlands. The mission preliminary report shall be issued for public within 72 hours after the closing of the polls. A final report will be issued subsequently.

Gender Concerns International has extensive international experience having conducted GEOMs in countries including Pakistan (2008 and 2013), Tunisia (2011 and 2014), Libya (2012), Myanmar (2015), Morocco (2011, 2015 and 2016, 2021) and The Netherlands (2017 and 2021). The profound change-making impact of these missions has influenced the process of reform at the level of national institutions and in shaping the direction of the public discourse on women`s electoral participation, including The Netherlands.

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