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Benghazi Shocking News - A voice silenced

26 June 2014 News

It is with deep shock and sadness that Libyans and friends of Libya received the news of the assassination of Salwa Bughaghis yesterday - on a day when Libyans went to the polls to elect their new government.

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Afghan female MPs on radio

20 May 2014 News

Radio interviews with Khaberi Kawen programme participants provide a direct platform to discuss key issues that affect women of Afghanistan.

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Tunisia approves electoral law with provision for women

6 May 2014 News

Article 23, passed by the assembly, requires parties to alternate male and female candidates on their lists of candidates for each district. A proposed rule, eventually rejected, would have required political parties to run women as the first name on at least one-third of the electoral lists.

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Gender Concerns attends Barcelona conference on women's empowerment

2 April 2014 News

Director Sabra Bano discussed and strategize on gender issues, and is looking towards building synergies for women's empowerment in the Mediterranean region and beyond.

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Tunisian activities Overview

19 September 2014 News

Gender Concerns International will closely follow and monitor the upcoming elections in Tunisia.

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Egypt criminalises sexual harrassement

13 June 2014 News

On the 6 June 2014, the Egyptian government issued a decree that categorized for the first time sexual harassment as a crime

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Join Gender Concerns Libya on Facebook and Twitter

8 May 2014 News

With the Dastoor project, Gender Concerns supports Libyan women and civil society organisations in the drafting and implementation of the new constitution.

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Afghans turn out strong for presidential election

7 April 2014 News

Gender Concerns would like to congratulate the people of Afghanistan for their support of the democratic transition. There is still work to be done, but reports of women comprising one-third of voters is a sign of progress.

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Gender Concerns on Facebook

26 March 2014 News

See the female biker gangs of Morocco, find articles about women and economics, and of course "like" and share your thoughts.

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