Media Release: Ukraine Day of Unity

Ukraine: Day of Unity

“To live in peace, to live happily, as one family”

Solidarity and Support to Sovereignty

Gender Concerns International

The Hague, 16th February 2022

Today marks a day of patriotism and national unity in Ukraine. The courageous citizens stay calm while witnessing the military buildup around their borders.

We admire the inspirational strength and leadership of Civil Society Organizations contributing to the freedom, stability and better functioning of democracy in Ukraine, despite the eminently posed and rising challenges.

16th February, the Day of Unity has been feared as a critical day concerning the ongoing crisis. We stay in solidarity with the committed Civil Society and Women Organisations in Ukraine who have demonstrated their concerns in a collective voice urging for democracy, peace and security in the country.

Referring to her Ukraine Pre-elections Gender Needs Assessment Mission in 2019, director Sabra Bano, expresses“solidarity with and her support to Women and Civil Society organisations, national institutions especially The Central Election Commission of Ukraine and national media organisation National Council of Television and Radio Broadcasting of Ukraine. Today we think about the Dutch and other diplomatic missions, EU, the Council of Europe and all those on the ground, to reaffirm our commitment in promoting peace, security and democracy in Ukraine, as our joint mission”.

Long live the sovereignty and independence of Ukraine.

We join the celebration of this Day of Unity in Ukraine calling for the respect and recognition of the rights of a nation “to live in peace, to live happily, as one family.”


Darina Schram-Kondyreva

Communication and Outreach


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