Gender-inclusive Climate Policy: Agenda for COP24

Gender Concerns International is actively participating in the COP24 UN Framework Convention on Climate Change. The organization is also engaged in activities at the EU and Benelux Pavilions, taking part in two side events. The first one, taking place on 4th December, aims to explain how action in our particular field can be led by and benefit women, along with what they can learn from this involvement. The side-event is titled ‘Climate action in technology, financing & policy for gender-responsive adaptation & innovation'. Following the Post-COP Gender Watch International Network (G-WIN) launched by Gender Concerns International during COP22, the organisation identified the need to enhance the expertise of climate issues of stakeholders, as well as to promote the participation of women in environmental decision-making processes. The development of a knowledge-sharing platform is a priority in the recently adopted Gender Action Plan, which is why G-Win is a concrete contribution in the fulfilment of this plan.

Considering the success of the last GWIN meeting, Gender Concerns International will lead a discussion to bring together the intents of WOs and CSOs. The panel will strive to bolster a multi-stakeholder network to support and monitor the participation of Women’s and Civil Society Organisations in all the development phases of a climate policy.

The second side-event, ‘Shared Inclusive Approaches to Sustainable Economic Development In MENA Region: Case of Tunisia’, will take place on 5th of December in the Benelux-EIB Pavilion. The recent economic and political transformation in the MENA region requires urgent support and cooperation in meeting the environmental challenges – especially in Tunisia, as a regional role model. The rising level of pollution is alarming and demands inclusive innovative approaches led by national and local governments in both urban and rural areas. The Side-Event highlights the increasing investment efforts in the Renewable Energy Sector within the context of Agenda 2030 targets and assesses the scope of setting-up an expert network to raise awareness on sustainable agriculture and environmentally responsible entrepreneurship.

The panel, led by Gender Concerns International, will bring together representatives of the Irish and Tunisian governments, as well as civil society experts, to identify shared interactive and supportive mechanisms and tools to accelerate an inclusive and sustainable economic growth process in Tunisia. The Event aims to establish a lasting Multi-stakeholder Platform for national engagement in raising awareness on sustainable agriculture and entrepreneurship, with a focus on women`s engagement in the Renewable Energy arena.

For more information about the events schedule, please follow the links below:

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