Gender-responsive climate action: from technology and innovative financing to policy

Gender-responsive climate action: from technology and innovative financing to policy

The Irish Government, together with CARE International, Gender Concerns International and the International Network of Women Engineers and Scientists invite you to our side event at COP24.

EU Pavilion, Room Vienna, Tuesday 4th December, 14.30 – 16.30

How can we achieve momentum in science and technology, in practice, and in policy choices to accelerate gender-responsive climate action? What are the critical areas that we need to work on NOW to ensure the UNFCCC Gender Action Plan can deliver this momentum?

Side Event Programme

14.30- 14.40

Introduction to event co-organisers

14.40- 14.50

Perspective from the field:

Speaker: Constance Okollet from the OSUKURU United Women’s Network

14.50- 15.10

CARE International:

The role of innovative financing in adaptation and how to make it more gender responsive.


Vitu Chinoko, CARE International Malawi

Tracy Sonny, Pan-African Climate Justice Alliance

15.10- 15.30

INWES (International Network of Women Engineers and Scientists):

Women, adaptation, and the role of hydromet services. Speakers:

Professor Lidia Zakowska, University of Krakow, Poland

Lylian Coelho, SUEZ Recycling and Recovery, France

Amelia Trachsel, Translink, Canada

15.30- 15.50

Gender Concerns International

How can we strengthen multi-stakeholder networks of Women’s and CSOs to meaningfully engage in climate policy development?


Dr Khedija Arfaoui, Feminist Scholar, Women Rights Activist, and Human Rights Researcher, Tunisia

Sabra Bano, Gender Concerns International

15.50- 16.05

Government of Ireland

Women as agents of change; towards a climate and gender justice approach

Speaker: Michelle Winthrop, Irish Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade

16.05- 16.25

Discussion from the floor: what key actions can we recommend for Gender Day at COP24. Please tweet using #OurPlanetToo

16.25- 16.30

Closing remarks