1325 Peace Flowers for the Women in Afghanistan



The Hague, 22nd April 2010

1325 Peace Flowers for the Women in Afghanistan


Flowers for Peace Campaign Launch

Sylvia Borren and Dieny Scheffer Will Receive Flowers for Peace

Monday 26th April, 15:30, Peace Palace, The Hague



Herewith you are cordially invited to attend the Flowers for Peace Campaign Launch Ceremony to be held at the Peace Palace on 26th April.  The main aim of the campaign is to draw attention to the voices of women in Conflict Zones and pay tribute to the struggle of women in Fragile States.


The first Flower for Peace Campaign is focused on highlighting the contribution made by Afghan women to the continuation of the peace and security process of their own country.


The Flowers for Peace Digital Campaign has been successfully launched on April 16th, 2010 and has already collected its first hundred digital flowers to be sent to the Afghan women through the website www.flowersforpeace.eu.


The Campaign will now be launched formally by presenting the flowers to influential dignitaries in order to broaden the scope of attention to the women in Afghanistan to reassure them that the International Community supports Afghan women’s right to political participation and inclusion in security talks.


Join us at Flowers for Peace Campaign Launch on Monday 26th April 2010 on 3 P.M. at the Peace Palace in The Hague.


For further information: www.flowersforpeace.eu or www.genderconcerns.org

Sabra Bano

Gender Concerns International

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