September 4th, 2017: 100 Years Women's Voting Rights - Disparity in Parity: A Prelude to the Parliamentary Discussion

Invitation 4th of September, 2017


Gender Concerns International will host a public reflection on women’s electoral and political participation in the Netherlands. In the context of the centenary celebrations of women’s right to vote in the Netherlands, Gender Concerns International facilitated a Gender Election Observation Mission (GEOM) incorporating global actors to observe the Dutch national elections in March of this year. The mission ran in ten out of the twelve provinces of the Netherlands, observing and evaluating the degree of female participation throughout all levels of governance. The result of this mission was the GEOM Report presented to the Dutch Parliament and several key stakeholders in July.

As a prelude to the Parliamentary discussion on the Dutch Elections which is scheduled for the 7th September, Gender Concerns International will host a multi-stakeholder panel that will reflect and deliberate on the conclusions of the GEOM Report, and how best to move forward in implementation and development of policy. ‘Disparity in Parity’ promotes a multi-stakeholder collaboration with the focus of continuing progress at all levels of governance to bridge the gender gap especially in the area of electoral and political participation in The Netherlands. This event will be a highlight in the successful journey of Gender Concerns International and its GEOM’s, spanning three continents already and developments currently underway to extend this reach globally.

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