International Women's Day 2017

Disparity in Parity: Bridging the Gender Gap across Europe

To mark International Women’s Day, Gender Concerns International launches its new initiative GEOM Europe 2017-2020 to commemorate 100 years acknowledging women's democratic struggles and achievements in Europe, announces Ms. Sabra Bano Director Gender Concerns International and Chief Coordinator GEOM Netherlands 2017.

Under the Gender Election Observation Mission (GEOM) Europe 2017-2020, an international team of female electoral experts will observe upcoming European elections from a distinct gender perspective. GEOMs are women-led missions that strive to collaborate with national women's organisations and relevant stakeholders.

To celebrate 100 years of women’s passive voting rights in the Netherlands, the GEOM will assess the achievements as well as disparity in the Netherlands.

A team of 20 predominantly female international observers, led by Ms. Magda deMeyer, will observe gender disparities that affect equitable participation amongst voters, candidates and election administrators. To facilitate international collaboration and ensure international synergy, a multi-stakeholder approach will be utilised that incorporates all levels of civil society, including representatives from European women’s organisations, academia, experts and youth.

Gender Concerns International strongly advocates expanding gender focused electoral reform across Europe with the main objective of achieving complete gender parity. Gender parity is required at the level of Election Management Bodies, Candidates List of political parties, Campaign Finances Allocation and Voter Education”, states Ms. Bano.

The GEOM aims to contribute to achieving institutional gender parity that ensures a sustainable and gender-sensitive development trajectory that benefits society as a whole.

For further information on the GEOM Netherlands 2017 and if you are in the Netherlands and would like to attend the press conference on 14th March in The Hague, please contact Ms. Beccy Crosby at or 0031 (0)70 444 5082.