Gender Concerns launches Instagram Campaign #SheLeads

Women’s leadership and electoral governance remain a great challenge in the attainment of global gender equality. It is ironic that world’s stablished democracies also suffer hugely from this ongoing and poorly addressed discrimination.

In commemoration of 100 years of women`s right to vote in The Netherlands, Gender Concerns International launches a campaign to address the issue of electoral and governance parity.

We are launching this Instagram account by introducing the #SheLeads campaign. Through weekly posts, during the campaign the heroic work of one international and one Dutch female leader will be highlighted here. SheLeads Heroines are those amazing women who keep inspiring the work of gender equality supporters around the world.

SheLeads women are those women who give a voice to the voiceless and never stop contributing to promote equality within their, homes, communities, counties and world-wide. With gratitude and admiration for the work of the #SheLeads Community we dedicate the launch of this Instagram Account to SheLeads women with an anticipation of spreading awareness, inspiration and appreciation for women’s great work!

Look out for #SheLeads and the Dutch edition #SheLeadsNL, every Friday and Wednesday afternoon!

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