Call for Support #SheCaresCovid19

Mission Statement #SheCaresCovid19

This campaign is sounding an alarm to the rising gender-based social injustice and economic disparity within the communities hit hardest by the spread of CoVid19 world-wide. Women lay-offs from work, dependency of the caregivers’ sector on them, and an increase in 24 hours care at home are reported to be adding to the day-by-day rise in gender-based discrimination during this crisis.

Gender Concerns implores the international community to include the every-day people who are on the front line of fighting this crisis. While resources have been dedicated to multiple organisations in battling the outbreak of Covid-19, Gender Concerns believes that as a gender and development organisation, critical assistance must urgently be offered to women who are disproportionately impacted by the virus. However, to accomplish such assistance and for this to be made an immediate reality; generosity needs to be gender-inclusive now!

Outreach Message

Recognition, respect and resources for women`s work and their organisations has always been the focus of our support work. In times like these, women need their integrity to reach out to their networks and partners in need. Through its partnership network of major women and human rights organisations internationally, Gender Concerns International is uniquely placed to reach out to the communities located in areas where the government is struggling to cope with the outbreak and spread of the virus. Well-established women`s organisations and networks are an effective medium through which organised and regular care needs to be facilitated to women in COVID19 need.


- Create an information-exchange platform

- Establish and strengthen a partner network to support women and women organisations to facilitate care for impacted women and communities

- Help local awareness-raising to acknowledge women`s leadership role in prevention and protection from the spread of the CoVid19

- Create multi-stakeholder gender coordination on resource mobilization for #SheCaresCovid19.


- To collect information from NGOs and people on the ground and connect the information to those with a means of sharing best practice, much needed resources, and up-to-date responses to the crisis to ensure these communities are included in the global response;

- Network Development

- Share stories of women in all areas affected by the virus

o Economic and social impact of mothers working from home

o Women affected by domestic and wider gender-based violence and harassment being trapped due to lock-downs at work place and on disserted streets

o Women in healthcare protecting themselves and their families

o Other untold stories that are shared with us