Tunisian Parliamentary Elections Concluded with 41% Voter Turnout

As predicted earlier, the Parliamentary elections held on the 6th of October in Tunisia witnessed less enthusiasm amongst voters than during previous elections.

The elections were viewed as a major test for the young democracy which has been experiencing a drastic decline in support due to political corruption and economic stagnation.

The voting this Sunday took place amidst high security, due to country grappling with terrorism. Total voter turnout stretched only to 41%, well below the 60% recorded in the 2014 election.

The current political scene remains diverse and divided. 200 political parties delivered nearly 16,000 candidates to be voted by public who showed less interest for this confusingly huge number of parties and candidates.

Sunday’s election will have a lasting impact. No party is expected to get single majority and will need to form a coalition. The coalition formation negotiation is expected to take weeks or months. The winner does get to designate the Prime Minister according to the Tunisian Constitution. However preliminary results will be announced on October 10 and the official results announcement is scheduled for November 17. The assembly will then be given two months to choose a Prime Minister and form a new government.