Celebrating 100 years of women’s right to vote: symposium on the past, present and future of women’s rights

In 2019 it has been 100 years since women earned the right to vote in the Netherlands. To commemorate this achievement Gender Concerns International, as part of the steering committee on 100 years of women’s right to vote, will be engaged in several events planned by various organisations and member committees.

The launch included a symposium held on the 1st of February at Nieuwspoort. This symposium highlighted the past, present and future of women’s rights, focusing on economic inequality, sexual violence, the position of migrant women and women in politics. The speakers not only heralded the achievements of women, but also emphasized that there is work to be done in order to improve the position of women in Dutch society. Therefore, the upcoming 100 years anniversary events will draw attention to current developments in the area of feminism, emancipation and diversity, both on a national and an international level.