Gender Concerns International in Myanmar

Gender Concerns International has been interacting with various women’s and human rights organisations and networks in Myanmar. In 2013 the first interaction between Gender Concerns and the Union Election Commission (UEC) took place in Myanmar. During this meeting, the UEC delegation invited the organisation to visit Myanmar and support the UEC’s work in Myanmar.

With the announcement of general elections to be held in 2015, the first official delegation of the Gender Concerns was sent to Myanmar in April – May 2015 to conduct a Pre-election Needs Assessment Mission (PNAM). The PNAM concluded by emphasizing the need to interact and support national institutions and civil society organisations to help further the democratic processes in Myanmar. Within that context, the GEOM was conducted to observe the electoral proceedings. At present, Gender Concerns International has signed a MoU with the UEC and has also established an office in Myanmar, aiming to continue its post-election work to support national institutions and civil society organisations. Focal points in this endeavor include: Coordinating with women minorities to provide them with necessary resources; helping build their capacity as women leaders in Myanmar; and strengthening their positions to allow them to actively lobby and engage with Myanmar’s national institutions for the democratic inclusion of women in Myanmar’s ongoing political transition.

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