Presentation of the GEM Mission Report (25 January 2011)

In 2015, Gender Concerns International presented their results of the 2011 elections during the CNDH workshop: “Workshop for Exchanging and Sharing Experiences on Election Observation”.

Firstly, the observers remarked that women’s participation in election organisation was low and female staff was very scarce. Further observed was that during the elections, the ratio of male to female voters was two to one. The women who came to vote originated from all social and professional categories, including the poor, elderly, youth and middle aged.

Gender Concerns International made some recommendations regarding the gender inclusiveness of the elections. One recommendation was the need to include women among security personnel and police officers in the voting centers. Also observed was that women’s participation in the voting process was not satisfactory, and therefore it was recommended to conduct awareness campaigns to encourage women to vote.

Click here for the complete (GEM) Report for Morocco 2011

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