NAP 1325: Example Good Practice

Supporting and Leading NAP 1325 Activities Since 2007

On June 12th, the bi-annual meeting NAP 1325- IV took place with an event on safeguarding women and girls in and from conflict zones. As a committed advocate for gender equality, we partnered with the Dutch government since 2007 to actively support the inclusion of women's rights in the agenda for the reconstruction of Afghanistan.

In line with NAP 1325-I, the Afghan Women’s Network and the NAP 1325 signatory Gender Concerns International organized a conference with the Dutch government in 2010 held at the Peace Palace in The Hague attended by the former Deputy Minister of Women’s Affairs, Palwasha Kakar and many other international dignitaries, such as Ambassador Melanne Verveer to generate support among the international community for a delegation of Afghan women to be represented at a UN conference on the future of Afghanistan. These joint efforts eventually resulted in the fact that an Afghan woman was given speaking time at the conference. History was made.

We are glad this example of good practice was recently featured at the bi-annual NAP 1325-IV meeting, as seen in the picture above.