Empowering Democracy: Investing in Women, Investing in Democracy Gender Equality Insights from Democracy Drinks interaction

During the March 7 Democracy Drinks event, organised by the Hague Humanity Hub, Netherlands Institute for Multiparty Democracy (NIMD), and the Netherlands Helsinki Committee (NHC) to celebrate International Women's Day, Sabra Bano and Ella van den Heuvel, underscored the urgency for having gender equality in democracy. Sabra Bano stressed broadening women's roles in decision-making and introduced the #Women’s Electability Observer initiative that would monitor and report this year`s women’s electoral participation globally. Gender advisor of the Dutch Chief of Defence and Lieutenant Colonel Van den Heuvel stressed the need to have gender equality and allyship in the armed forces. The conversation, which reflected UN Women’s IWD2024 theme, advocated for empowering women to enhance democracy by interacting with houseful and engaged participants.