Accountability and Transparency

Accountability and transparency mechanisms constitute an integral part of the Core Operational Strategy of Gender Concerns International`s organizational work, ensuring legitimacy and credibility in local, national and international operations , forging lasting partnerships and promoting network expansion required for collaboration and cooperation. Further, the operational transparency and retaining of full accountability are vital not only to a successful closure of a launched initiative but more importantly to its long term impact and sustainability.

Gender Concerns International supports women`s democratic participation in focused fragile states as well as within emerging and established democracies, by advocating for gender equality, in partnership with local Women’s and Civil Society Organizations. To pursue such an ambitious task full transparency and accountability are essential.

Public fundraising is an important but costly means to any organization`s financial resources. So far the organization operates on project-based funding mainly from the Dutch and European donor community, thus are the transparency and accountability mechanisms designed to comply with project-specific terms and conditions.

Project management and administration are commissioned to have regular supervision, internal and external evaluation is embedded in the project management structure and is conducted on a regular basis with required skills and expertise.

Financial administration is a major component of the project management system and it is done at three levels. Local levels includes financial administration by organization`s local staff and the Project Finance Officer of the local partner. Then at the Head Office level central financial administration is maintained and supervised. Interim and final reports are prepared for internal and external project control and audit purposes. In terms of financial transparency and accountability Gender Concerns conducts regular observation with the guidance of external financial management firm and recognized auditors to ensure upmost efficiency and effectiveness. Moreover, a precise and critical internal control system has been set and is in place and is regulated by an internal and external finance specialist. Accountability and transparency is maintained with a high level of professionalism towards donors and relevant stakeholders.