Sabra Bano speaks at European Parliament Event


Media Release

12 November 2014


2014 Legislative Elections in Tunisia and Women’s Rights

Sabra Bano, Head of Gender Election Mission Tunisia, speaks at European Parliament.

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On the 26 October, parliamentary elections were held in Tunisia. The results show that 31% of parliamentary seats are to be allocated to female parliamentarians.  As the presence of women in the parliament will be far from the gender parity practice, it is absolutely necessary that the new government considers the nomination of a large number of women as ministers to compensate their low representation in the parliament.

The outcome of the elections in Tunisia is significant for Europe, since Europe plays an important role in providing support for democratic transition to countries in the MENA region.

Sabra Bano, who headed 110 all-female observers in the 2014 GEM mission, will be speaking at the European Parliament on Thursday 13 November. The conference, Tunisian International Observation Mission: Women Working Towards Democracy, focuses on the political role of women during the election period in Tunisia. This special event is hosted by MEP Ms. Mariya Gabriel and organized by Global Network for Rights and Development (GNRD).

Other key note speakers that will participate at the conference are Mr. Ala Abu Dakka, Deputy Director of GNRD Brussels, H.E. Tahar Cherif, Ambassador of the Republic of Tunisia to the EU, and MEP Annemie Neyts-Uyttebroek, Chief Observer of the EU Electoral Observation Mission to Tunisia for Parliamentary Election 2014.

Ms. Sabra Bano, as well as the other key note speakers, will elaborate on their preliminary findings and recommendations regarding women’s participation in the elections. This is seen as an essential element for a successful democratic transition in Tunisia.


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