UNDP Gender Inequality Index

Gender Concerns is working toward the vision of a gender-equal society, especially in post-conflict and developing countries where women are still facing challenges for rights that many women in the rest of the world take for granted. Our Gender Election Monitoring (GEM) missions work directly in countries to promote and support women’s democratic inclusion as voters, candidates and newly-elected leaders.

The Gender Inequality Index from the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) lists areas such as shares of seats in parliament for women and women’s education in 187 countries. There is obviously much work to be done in many areas to raise the leadership and socio-economic status of women.

Keep in touch with Gender Concerns to see how our projects work with local women’s organisations and government leaders to better enable conditions for women to exercise their full rights and potential as catalysts for positive change in their communities and countries.

Click here for the UNDP Gender Inequality Index.

Voter tabulation sheets by gender in the second round of the 2014 Tunisian presidential elections


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