Tunisia Election Final Report to be Presented at Event

Building on the momentum of three successful GEM missions in Tunisia that observed the parliamentary and presidential elections, Gender Concerns offices in Tunis and The Hague are finalising the Final Report of the Gender Election Watch Tunisia 2014 mission.

The Final Report is expected to be presented in the second half of February at an event in Tunis. Partner organisations, media groups and other stakeholders from Tunisia and the international community will take part in presenting the observations and recommendations from the largest international election observation mission in Tunisia in 2014.

With the coming publication of this report, Gender Concerns looks forward to continued interaction with ISIE, the Tunisian national independent election commission. ISIE has made commendable progress in its gender focus with the three rounds of elections that took place in November and December 2014.

Keep a watch on the Gender Concerns website for more information on this event that will celebrate Tunisia’s democratic development and the progressing inclusion of women as government leaders and voters. This a key moment for Tunisia and its demonstration of equality and democracy to the region and to the rest of the world.


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