The Launch of the Fourth NAP 1325 of the Netherlands

The fourth Dutch National Action Plan for UNSC Resolution 1325 was officially launched on December 16th, 2020. As a fourth-time signatory, Gender Concerns International provided feedback and insights throughout the drafting process, to ensure that the voices of women and women's organisations' were considered and represented. It has been a great honor to have contributed to such a collective effort.

In 2009, Gender Concerns International, together with local partners, hosted a Regional Stakeholders Meeting in Kabul to discuss the relevance of UNSCR 1325 in promoting peace, stability and development in Afghanistan and increasing the involvement and participation of women in Afghan socio-political contexts. Additionally, ten years after organizing the 'International Side Conference on Afghanistan' at the Peace Palace in the Hague in 2010, with more than 200 participants from all parts of society, which has led to many actions initiated in countries such as Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran, and more, to promote inclusive and parity-based elections, we remain committed to supporting women in peace-building and security processes everywhere. Through our election observation missions in Morocco, Tunisia, Libya, Pakistan, and more, we apply a gendered lens to ensure equal female participation in all processes, continuing to pursue our goals of achieving equal involvement and electoral parity.

NAP 1V on 1325 is a pledge reaffirming our support to and cooperation with our national and international partners and supporters in advocating for women's' and girls' full participation in peacebuilding and security processes across the globe, and look forward to our continued collaborations.