The EU Foreign Affairs Council on Kashmir

The debate by the EU Foreign Affairs Council (AFET) on the situation in Kashmir (02/09/2019) concluded that India should lift the curfew on Kashmir immediately due to grave human rights violations. The members expressed their dissatisfaction with and concerns about the current situation. Moreover, demands were stated that there should be immediate talks between India and Pakistan and that the EU will issue an reactionary statement as soon as possible. On Sunday, Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi said that the EU should play its role in solving the Kashmir issue. “The European Parliament is expected to deliberate on the Modi government's illegal actions in the IHK and raise voice against the human rights violations in the disputed territory,” he added. The EU meeting took place despite Indian efforts to get it canceled. The current news however, do not provide any information on who exactly stated these points and there are no recordings of the session available online.