Media Release on International Democracy Day

The International Day of Democracy,

Women`s free, fair and transparent electoral participation remains a crucial challenge in transforming democracy world-wide

The Hague

Today on the International Day of Democracy, Gender Concerns International, commemorates the urge and bravery of the men and women promoting the establishment and sustenance of democracy and democratic institutions world-wide.

It is a day to celebrate the courage of women in developing and fragile democracies as they continue to demand for equal democratic rights.

The Sustainable Development Goals no. 16 calls for: “the promotion of peaceful and inclusive societies, provision of access to justice for all and building effective, accountable and inclusive institutions at all levels”.To achieve Goal 16 by 2030, we must understand that we are ready to truly support development and to build the lasting foundations in order to achieve this goal. Without concrete commitment, the attainment of peaceful and inclusive societies seems a far reaching reality.

Women who make up 50% of the world’s population, are significantly marginalised in political decision-making processes and at leadership positions, posing crucial challenges to the very foundation of democratic principles. Equal gender-inclusiveness is a pre-requisite for the democracy and needs preferred support from the international community.

Gender Concerns International works to support women’s participation and gender inclusiveness in the burgeoning democracies in Asia, Africa and the MENA-region (See special dispatch from our local offices). The organization’s work for gender-inclusive electoral reform has contributed to improved gender parity in electoral processes, and our support to female parliamentarians and female local councillors has strengthened female leadership in democratic institutions.

Every day, women from all around the world continue to prove their potentials as agents for change. They continue to serve as our inspiration, and we are honoured to continue our efforts to support female leaders to sustain developments towards inclusive democracy worldwide.

Happy International Day of Democracy!

Sabra Bano, Director Gender Concerns International

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