​Key Agents for Peace (KAP): A Peaceful Future for Afghanistan and Libya. ( 2018-2020)

Key Agents for Peace (KAP): A Peaceful Future for Afghanistan and Libya. ( 2018-2020)

Gender Concerns International acted as a lead organisation for KAP Consortium KAP, a multi-country initiative supported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands.

The KAP Project addressed the issue of Violent Extremism in Afghanistan and Libya, highlighting it as a major obstacle for women, peace and security, and to women‘s inclusive political participation. During the project implementation, the focus has been to counter the spread of violent extremism by empowering the youth to promote non-violent political and religious narratives which are compatible with human rights and women’s rights.

To engage the target group, experienced local organisations and experts have been contacted and brought into agreed partnership commitment to deliver the expected tools and contribute to impact the change. The project has served to complement existing initiatives under the Dutch NAP 1325 on Women, Peace and Security by addressing the issue of violent extremism targeted at neglected groups (especially youth, but also religious leaders, men, and boys) as a missing link for sustainable peace. It has assessed the influence which these groups have on the adverse situation of women in conflict and post-conflict areas and attempted to engage them in a dialogue followed by a greater public awareness program.

The KAP project has played a key role in raising the awareness of people on human rights, women rights, how to do lobbying and advocating against violence with proper communication and networking knowledge and skills. The collected data showed that the capacity of targeted beneficiaries has been built on how to cope with the challenges that they have faced in the past and they are moving forward towards a bright future.