Interactive Consultation and Workshop in Tanger, Morocco

On the 30th June, an interactive consultation and workshop was held with female councillors in Tangier, Morocco. Gender Concerns International observed all three rounds of the 2015 Moroccan elections under the GEOM program and establishes partnerships with major civil society, women’s organizations and political representatives by facilitating various consultations and networks. The consultation aims to facilitate and strengthen ongoing processes of women’s democratic inclusion, female leadership and inclusive democracy. The female councillors come from four different political parties, which raises hope for enhanced linkages and warm cooperation for common goals. Ms. Reem Obeidat with extensive expertise in female leadership and women’s political participation has been invited to lead the workshop. Gender Concerns International’s director, Ms. Sabra Bano has chaired the interactive consultation, and will be meeting with Civil Society Organisations, Women’s Organisations, and representatives of local political parties.