GEOM Report Launch in Yangoon, Myanmar

On the 7th of June, Gender Concerns International will launch their Gender Election Observation Mission 2015 Report "The Dawn of Inclusive Governance in Myanmar". The launch, to be held in Novotel Hotel in Yangoon, Myanmar, provides opportunity for Gender Concerns to share, evaluate and discuss important topics related to political participation of women in Myanmar.

The 2015 Gender Election Observation Mission (GEOM) Report will be presented, and recommendations to national and international stakeholders will be shared. Representatives of the UEC, Women and Civil Society Organisations, and members of the international community confirmed their attendance, and will engage in discussions on women’s social and political participation in Myanmar.

The report launch will signal a new dawn in the process of Myanmar women’s political and social participation by fostering conducive environment for enhanced women’s political participation and gender-focused electoral reform strategies.