Election Day Netherlands

Today we will observe the Dutch Elections with our Gender Election Observation Mission. The International Mission will be conducted in rural and urban locations across the Netherlands. The Misson is composed of 20 observers, predominantly women, from 10 countries.

The Election Mission is headed by Magda de Meyer, President of the Dutch-speeking Women's Council in Belgium, with extensive experience in electoral processes and international election observations. The Mission will ensure that the elections will be observed from a gender perspective in accordance with international standards of election observation of objectivity and neutrality.

The Gender Election Observation Mission (GEOM) in the Netherlands will reach 11 provinces and will act as the pilot initiative for the launch of future Missions in other European countries.

A comprehensive report will be issued within 3 weeks after the elections to evaluate 100 years of women's political participation in the Netherlands and an assesment of the 15th March elections. The report will subsequently issue various recommendations to prioritize gender equality and further promote women's political participation.

This morning a part of the team was at the opening of the pollingstation in the Cityhall of The Hague. Follow us on Twitter to stay up to date!