Empowered Women, Prosperous Afghanistan

Director Sabra Bano and Programme Coordinator of Afghanistan, Meret Spithoven, together with Ms Zahra Sepehr, Director of DSAWCO (4/10/2016)

Gender Concerns International attended the Brussels Conference on Afghanistan 3-5 October, including the event “Empowered Women, Prosperous Afghanistan” on the 4th of October together with Ms Zahra Sepehr, a well-known women’s rights activist and the Director of Development and Support of Afghan Women and Children Organization (DSAWCO).

As stated in the European Commission’s press release, this event was attended by high-level participants and panelists from the international community such as President of Afghanistan Ashraf Ghani, the First Lady of Afghanistan Rula Ghani, and Dr. Abdullah Abdullah. The event discussed ways to empower Afghan women to create a prosperous state, as well as how to reinforce and realize the political and human rights of Afghan women.

The conclusion of the event was that it is vital for the development of Afghanistan to continue to improve the situation of Afghan women. Gender Concerns International reaffirms its commitment to help Afghan women become more empowered, and supports them in building a gender-inclusive, prosperous Afghan society.

More pictures from the event below: