The Oceans are rising and so are we!

Inspiring Young Climate Marchers in the Hague

On Thursday 7th February, thousands of school-students confronted the government demonstrating their concerns regarding the global emission crisis. They gathered at Malieveld in the Hague and from there kept marching through the state quarters during the day. The Dutch youth are following the good practice set by their Belgian comrades who have been protesting during the last few weeks to address the severity of climate change its impact on their future. The young initiator of the protest demanded, ‘We want better future, while our government is ruining the earth’. Simply put they want the climate agreement be made stricter!

Later their delegation met with the government and However they will take to the streets again in mid-March to maintain the pressure.

Around 350 scientists have also supported this initiative in a joint letter to a local newspaper, Trouw, emphasizing their position; that it is time to take effective measures so that the problems are solved timely.

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