To the bravery and the commitment of Almaas Elman Somalian-Canadian Activist shot dead in Mogadishu

Sabra Bano, Director of Gender Concerns International expresses her shock over the elimination of Almaas Elman, a Somalian-Canadian activist whose dedication earned respect and recognition for her remarkable work for the women in Somalia.

┬┤Our sincere condolences to the family and friends and we wish them much strength in coming days to bear the loss of such an engaged Women`s Human Rights leader in Somalia┬┤, states Bano.

Ms. Elman returned to Somalia from Canada in 2010 to contribute to the unfinished mission of her father Mr. Elman. As a member of a family who greatly contributed to the rebuilding of Somalia, Almaas Elman was highly valued by her colleagues. She worked tirelessly to support Somalian victims of sexual violence. Her sister was a Noble Peace prize nominee and their mother founded the Elman Peace Center to promote Human Rights and offer protection in Somalia.

Picture: NY Times