Berlin summit backs Libya ceasefire and puts sanctions on countries who break arms embargo

Gender Concerns International welcomes the outcome of the Berlin Summit and hopes that the ceasefire is respected. People in Libya have suffered for long enough, they deserve peace now!

On Sunday a Peace Summit in Berlin was convened with all parties to the conflict in attendance.
The goal of the summit was to support the tentative ceasefire in Libya. World leaders agreed to impose sanctions on countries breaking the arms embargo. This measure highlights the role that international actors have played in fuelling the conflict.

The option of sending a multinational observation force to monitor the ceasefire was discussed. The UK, Germany and Italy, showed their willingness to send troops to monitor the peace, this is however under the condition that there is a clear UN mandate.

Both sides to the conflict, the UN-recognised government and the Libyan National Army of General Haftar, have agreed to nominate five members to an UN ceasefire monitoring committee.

It has to be noted however that there are serious concerns that the signatories to the summit´s declarations will remain committed to their pledges.