Germany still awaits the Formation of its New Government

After Angela Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union/Christian Social Union did not manage to secure enough votes, the German Chancellor has been trying to form a coalition. The talks between her party, Greens and Free Democrats have collapsed in November. Now she hopes to form an alliance with the Social Democrats to extend her 12 years in power.

Martin Shultz, the leader of the SPD agreed upon a framework deal but he needs his party to back him up for the negotiations to officially start. There will be a party vote at a party congress planned for this Sunday (January 21). Sources confirm that there is a big divide among the party members over this issue with two reginal branches already saying they will not back the proposed deal.

The German Finance Ministry has announced that Germany had posted a budget surplus of 5.3 million Euros. Officials said it will be allocated to a refugee reserve fund.

If Angela Merkel will not be able to form a coalition, a new general election might be called.