Gender Concerns International holds Guidance and Information Workshops with partner organisation AFTD in North-West Tunisia

As part of the project “Enhancing Women's Economic Participation: Addressing the Gender-Gap in North-West Tunisia”, Gender Concerns International together with partner organisation Association Tunisienne des Femmes Democrates (ATFD) held guidance and information workshops in end of April this year. Workshops were implemented in Beja, Kef, and Siliana with expert trainers and job-coaches (on both job-seeking and entrepreneurship) from the National Employment Agency of Tunisia.

The workshops focused on informing the participants on their economic rights as well as to provide guidance and advice in their attempts to find a job or start a business. With high unemployment and limited socio-economic opportunities, women in North-West Tunisia need and deserve support. With recent local elections in the country, we hope for increased political support to improve the socio-economic support for women.