Gender Concerns attends event on Nuclear Summit

(Piet de Klerk at the Nuclear Security Session on Sunday)

A delegation from Gender Concerns International attended an event in The Hague on Sunday leading up to the Nuclear Security Summit (NSS). Leaders from more than 50 countries are meeting this week at the World Forum in The Hague to address international cooperation in safeguarding nuclear weapons and resources from terrorist and other unlawful organizations.

The event featured, among others: Mayor Van Aartsen of The Hague; Piet de Klerk, the organizer and lead negotiator from the Netherlands to the NSS; Eric Schlosser, author of a book on nuclear safety, Command and Control; and Joseph Cirincione, President of the Ploughshares Fund, a public foundation focused on nuclear weapons policy and conflict resolution.

Gender Concerns remains engaged in international efforts to promote peace, stability and the voice of all people. Events like the NSS provide an opportunity to participate in activities to benefit not only women's inclusion, but also larger conditions that can better enable dialogue for positive policies and international action to take place.


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