First report: Electoral Assessment Team Libya

Tripoli, 20 February 2014

 First Libya elections dispatch:
Voting for the Constitutional Drafting Assembly (CDA)

  Gender Concerns International’s Electoral Assessment Team

Gender Concerns International’s Electoral Assessment Team has visited several polling stations in the Tripoli, Libya, area today and was pleased to find them to be well organized and well staffed. The Electoral Assessment Team noted that the staff was predominantly female. The presence of female staff at male polling stations has been a welcome observation and polling staff were helpful – as they were observed providing special attention to pregnant and elderly female voters.

Although the first polling hour revealed a rather limited attendance, the number of voters at polling stations increased after 10:00. However, many election booths remained unattended.

The Electoral Assessment Team observed significant differences between male and female voter participation rate, as male polling stations were busier than female polling stations.  

 Media presence was observed, mostly in preparatory mode.

Gender Concerns International will continue visiting polling stations, in and outside the Tripoli area, and is keen to see how voter participation will develop in the coming hours, considering the relatively low voter registration rate. (UPDATE TO FOLLOW)


Electoral Assessment Team, Gender Concerns International

Marie-Cecile Darmé, Coordinator




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