First high school for girls opens in Afghanistan district

An Afghanistan news website has reported that the first girls’ high school has been inaugurated in the Andar district of the Ghazni province. 

A district education officer said that to date 400 girls had applied for admission. The school was built after a previous building had been damaged. Continuing security is of course an issue of concern, and a district chief said that firm measures would be in place to provide security for the new school. The website described the area as having a large Taliban presence, even as order in the area is improving even after numerous attacks over the past year.

The report further stated that tribal elder Haji Abdullah was happy to see the opening, and that he would send his daughters to school. He encouraged others to follow suit, saying people wanted to educate their children. According to information from the education department, a total of 46 schools are active in the district, where 22,000 students are enrolled. But there has been no other school for girls.

Gender Concerns has been encouraging world-wide gender inclusion for education. As Malala Yousafzai has successfully advocated around the world after her life-threatening attack, education should be a right for all children. We will continue our attention to this issue in 2014, in hopes that the basic human right of education can continue to be realised in places where it has previously been suppressed.

Article source: Pajhwok Afghan News