Flooding affects thousands in Pakistan

Flooding across Pakistan has killed at least 58 people, injured more than 30 and forced the evacuation of thousands from their homes in the past week. Monsoon rains brought the flood waters and heavier-than-usual rainfall is expected to continue throughout this month and September – adding to potential problems.

The Pakistan army has been assisting residents affected by the flooding. Twenty-seven villages have been hard-hit in Jhal Magsi, where thousands have fled to seek safety in higher mountain areas.  In Pakistan’s largest city of Karachi, flood waters have receded, but residents are coping with the resulting damage.

Pakistan has experienced devastating floods over the past three years, most notably in 2010 when 21 million people were affected as nearly 1,800 lost their lives.

Gender Concerns International aims to raise awareness and the support of gender-related needs of victims of floods and other natural disasters. Our organisation has focused on supporting such aid in past Pakistan flooding via the 2010 People to People Flood Relief Campaign that supported women in the country.