End Electoral GBV - Three Hundred and Sixty-Five Days Engagement

#EndElectoralGBV 365 Days Engagement

End Electoral GBV Campaign

As the world grapples with the pandemic, there has been a surge in gender-based violence against women. One such type of violence is electoral violence. It takes the form of intimidation of women at polling stations, threats against female lawmakers, and at worst, assassinations of female politicians. Leaving this violence unaddressed hinders women’s fair and equal participation in local and national politics. Women’s meaningful political participation ensures gender equality and impacts decision-making process.

As the #16daysofactivism campaign draws to an end today, it is important to remember that daily violence against women still persists all 365 days of a year. Hence, Gender Concerns International calls on the international community to lend its support and to work together to eradicate all kinds of violence against women. It specifically draws attention to electoral violence against women, an often-unreported form of violence. There exists a need to ensure that adequate attention, monitoring, research, and resources are allocated to the urgent issue of electoral violence against women. Thus, Gender Concerns International has launched an initiative ‘Alert: #EndElectoralGBV’, which goes beyond the #16daysofactivism campaign.

Outreach Message

With the Alert:#EndElectoralGBV, Gender Concerns International draws the attention of global key impact-makers from a wide range of stakeholders, including partner organisations, donor agencies, foreign ministries, ambassadors, women’s and civil society organisations, election management bodies, domestic and international election observation missions, election-supporting organisations and other national and international actors in working together to generate sustainable change at all levels and ensuring progress in the goal of eliminating Electoral GBV. Going forward, we appeal to our global partners to employ #EndElectoralViolence in helping to raise awareness about this issue.