Happy New Year from Gender Concerns 2023

Happy New Year

International Solidarity: Climate Justice Pledges for Resilient Pakistan

Dear Partners and Colleagues,

The New Year marks international solidarity and support for the flood victims in Pakistan. People demanding climate justice have received an overwhelming response from the International Community that has pledged recovery finances well exceeding the initial target. This is indeed a welcoming response, placing people first in protection and rehabilitation actions against the climate related global devastations.

It’s a joint responsibility of governments, leaders from the public and private sectors as well as civil society organisations to support the people and the Government of Pakistan in the aftermath of last year`s floods.

The tragedy of this natural disaster has impacted millions and destroyed livelihoods, crops and infrastructures, putting pressure on the most vulnerable people, and on Pakistan’s economic outlook alike.

A high-level partners’ conference co-hosted by the Government of Pakistan and the United Nations raised over 10 billion $ through pledges exceeding the target for floods recovery in Pakistan. The Geneva conference took place on 9th January, assessing Pakistan’s financial needs and to support its strategic direction for recovery.

Gender Concerns International remains in full solidarity with the people in Pakistan whose resilience against this climate catastrophe requires justice for their damage and losses and urges a dignified recovery process for all those impacted by this calamity. Within the socio-cultural context the needs of affected women and girls in Pakistan should be assessed and full support be provided. We stand together with Pakistan and pledge our full commitment in this new year and beyond.

Sabra Bano,