NAP1325 Signatory Event

At the "Women, Men, Peace & Security" NAP 1325 Signatory Event, organised by the Netherlands' Ministry of Defence, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and the WO=MEN Dutch Gender Platform, Director Sabra Bano marked her fourth signing. The event focused on the vital role of men and masculinities in achieving gender equality and strengthening women's roles in sustainable peace and inclusive security. Discussions highlighted the male-dominated military and police forces in the Netherlands and the influence of masculinity on peace and security, with insights into how male religious and traditional leaders can help shift gender norms towards equality. Contributions from international perspectives, including the UK's integration of gender in military operations and the global efforts in women's rights advocacy, enriched the dialogue. Fringe sessions delved into engaging men in leadership and applying feminist foreign policy to reduce civilian harm in conflicts, emphasising the importance of inclusive approaches and the challenging yet essential journey towards eradicating gender-based stereotypes and integrating women's rights into global security frameworks.