CSW68 Concluded

The 68th session of the Commission on the Status of Women (CSW68) concluded with significant strides towards gender equality, focusing on education, culture, and science, and marked by the announcement of a UN Women strategy to eliminate women's poverty. The session, notable for its record attendance, emphasised gender-responsive budgeting, women's empowerment in science, and economic upliftment of indigenous women while addressing gender bias in technology. It underscored the importance of intersectionality and called for global financial reforms to support gender equality. Key global positions varied, with discussions on femicide, gender definitions, and women's rights spanning countries from Russia to the EU, highlighting diverse approaches to gender justice and the importance of incorporating youth and diverse national perspectives in advancing global gender equality initiatives.

As a Core Committee member of Dutch CSOs Working Group and member of Europe, North America and Canada Cucus on CSW, Gender Concerns International remains committed in contributing to the implementation of CSW68 Agreed Conclusions, believing that it will have a positive impact for gender equality worldwide.