Mobilizing Blended Finance for Sustainable Development: Insights from the OECD Meeting

Blended finance means combining public and private funds to mobilize additional investment to support sustainable development projects. This was discussed in the virtual conference "Time to step up a private finance for the SDGs" organized by the OECD. With major global players including Ministers, UN, EU and DFI, Gender Concerns International participated to learn about blended financing.

The goal of the event was to bring together public and private sector stakeholders to discuss how blended finance can be leveraged to maximize the impact of investments for sustainable development, promoting collaboration in finding innovative solutions to sustainable development challenges. the conference, report is expected to be released soon outlining the principles of blended finance, including alignment with development goals, transparency, and accountability, emphasizing that a blended economy should be both inclusive and respect human rights, as well as the importance of ensuring that blended finance projects have a positive impact on development outcomes.