Empowering Women in Politics: The Launch of the Women Electability Observer Initiative

Gender Concerns International is delighted to unveil the #WomenElectabilityObserver (#WEO) initiative, its latest effort to combat #ElectabilityDiscrimination and champion #GenderEqualDemocracy. As we approach a pivotal moment in 2024, with over 2 billion women poised to participate in voting, the challenge of ensuring equitable representation for women in political candidacies and election administration looms large. The WEO initiative seeks to bridge this gap, aiming to elevate women's roles from voters to key players in political candidacy and electoral governance.

The #WEO initiative's mission is to monitor and support the enhanced electability of women, with the goal of reshaping the dynamics of political engagement. Through careful observation and analysis of the hurdles women face in the political sphere, WEO is dedicated to challenging both institutions and cultural practices that contribute to women's underrepresentation in electoral positions. As election seasons unfold globally, the Women Electability Observer will act as a pivotal force in advocating for equitable practices, bolstering women's candidacies, and reinforcing their leadership within electoral frameworks.