No to Terrorism in Tunisia - A Statement of Solidarity


Media Release

19 March 2015


No to Terrorism in Tunisia

A Statement of Solidarity


Gender Concerns International extends its sympathy to the victims and their families affected by yesterday’s attack in the Bardo museum Tunis.


Our organisation has been working in the country with great interest and resolve to support the peaceful development of democracy with the equal inclusion of all citizens. It is deplorable that Tunisia, a young yet prosperous and peaceful democracy has been targeted as it represents a model of positive change for the region and the rest of the world.

It is important – while remaining vigilant under the threat of violence – for Tunisia to hold to its democratic path under the leadership of its newly-elected government. Such challenges are being faced in countries around the world, and it is vital to remain firm in the vision of working toward a stable and equal society.

Gender Concerns stands with the civil society organisations and national institutions of Tunisia in this difficult time, and looks to a future in which the equal rule of law will continue globally to diminish dangers from violent acts of terrorism.

“Our 2014 election observation mission in Tunisia affirmed the passion and potential felt around the country in working toward a stable democracy. We hold firm in our mission to support this vision of the great men and women of Tunisia.” commented, director Sabra Bano, while speaking with colleagues and partners in Tunisia.  


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