38%! Afghan Women Demand Inclusive Governance


Media Release

4 February 2015

38%! Gender Concerns Supports Afghan Women’s Demand for Inclusive Governance

(AWN calls for increased government representation)

Gender Concerns has been working with partner organizations to raise the democratic participation of women in Afghanistan. Initiatives in the country support the skills and network base for Afghan women to increase their outreach, partnerships and support. Gender Concerns International Director Sabra Bano commented on the Afghan Women’s Network’s (AWN) 3 February statement: “We are encouraged by the strength of women’s 38 percent voter turnout in the 2014 presidential election, and Gender Concerns supports AWN’s call for a corresponding government representation. Our experience working with female Afghan parliamentarians affirms our confidence that Gender Concerns can continue to effectively support efforts of the women of Afghanistan to make progress in the impact of their government leadership.”

The Afghan Women’s Network has been engaged with women’s political participation in elections, and their call for a 38 percent representation based on 2014 female voter turnout should be supported. AWN’s press statement advocates that even through security risks and lack of facilities, women demonstrated their resolve as voters. Therefore women as government cabinet members should reflect a similar percentage, composing 9 out of a possible 25 posts. The statement further emphasizes that “women who will be introduced and nominated as ministers will play a key role in creating merit based, efficient and effective government.”

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