Women’s Organisations discuss peace progress in Myanmar

On 31st January 2017 various women’s organisations got together to discuss the peace progress in Myanmar. This meeting was part of an interactive workshop,‘Women and Peace Progress: Towards a Roadmap for a Common Peace Agenda’ which was held in Yangon, Myanmar. The workshop aimed to support the contributions made by women and women’s organisations to the ongoing peace process in Myanmar by providing an opportunity to network and review the progress of women’s inclusion.

The meeting was led and facilitated by the highly regarded expert on gender and the peace process in Myanmar, Ms. Khin Ma Ma Myo. It was well attended by representatives from 13 leading national women’s organisations. Discussions were had on the ways to develop and enhance effective lobbying and advocacy strategies to ensure that women actively participate in the peace process and peace negotiations.

The workshop highlighted goals for a common peace agenda with an emphasis to continue and enhance coordination amongst women organisations. It is of utmost importance for the inclusiveness and sustainability of the peace process that women and women’s organisation remain involved and assert their rightful participatory role throughout the negotiations and decision-making processes.

Gender Concerns is confident that by facilitating dialogue and discussion among this network of female leaders, the collective voice of women and women’s organisation will strengthen and play an increasingly active role in the peace process, paving the way towards gender inclusivity in Myanmar.