Tunisia elects its Parliament on 6th October

The upcoming Parliamentary Elections to be held on Sunday 6th October, the Tunisian voters with less enthusiasm than previous elections are ready to elect their new parliament.

The elections are viewed as a major test for the young democracy and the position of women in Tunisian politics since the 2011 Arab Spring as support for democracy has drastically declined and experts expect an unpredictable outcome. Many citizens are frustrated by political corruption and economic stagnation. Tunisia is marked by high rates of unemployment and a huge urban and rural divide. The only success story of the Arab Spring is experiencing a test of its young democracy.

Tunisia is considered as the most progressive country in the region and has a record of empowering women and abolishing restrictive laws to promote gender equality. However, as many women activists state, cultural barriers and economic limitations to women’s rights persist deeply . Gender parity remains to be fought in Tunisia.