​Celebrating 30 Years of Switzerland’s Participation in International Election Observation

Director Ms. Sabra Bano is delighted to be attending a celebratory event today marking 30 years of Swiss participation in international election observation missions being held by the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs (FDFA) in Bern. Ms. Bano is being accompanied to the event by Gender Concerns International’s Switzerland representative, Katharina Stockli.

Gender Concerns International supports the leading role the Swiss government has taken to empower women in political life around the globe and its commitment to Agenda 2030, including the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals and Resolution 1325.

During the event, Ms. Bano will stress the importance of having a gender perspective in international election monitoring in order to promote the inclusion of women in public and political decision-making processes.

Gender Concerns International and the Swiss government share strategic goals to have more female representation at all levels of decision-making, in both government and non-governmental organizations and women’s meaningful mobilization and participation in politics, mediation, conflict prevention, peacebuilding and in post-conflict processes in order to build lasting peace and democracy.

As part of her visit to Switzerland, Ms. Bano will also be meeting with various stakeholders to discuss plans to monitor the upcoming federal elections in Switzerland on 20 October 2019 at the request of local women’s organizations, as well as assessing the scope for future international election monitoring.