Planetary Security Conference

Gender Concerns International will be participating in the Planetary Security Conference in The Hague on the 12th and 13th of December. The theme of this year's conference is 'From Analysis to Action' in which the aim is to strenghten the knowledge-policy interface by consolidating the community of practice on planetary security. The audience of this conference consists of senior policy makers and diplomats working on the climate-security interface, as well as representatives from NGOs, research and the private sector. The Initiative was launched in 2015 by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs with the following goals:

  • Enhance political awareness and involvement on the climate-security interface
  • Strengthen the knowledge-policy interface by consolidating an inclusive community of practice that is multi-lateral, multi-sector and multi-disciplinary
  • Develop and promote policies and good practice to help governments, the private sector and implementing agencies better secure peace and cooperation in regions adversely affected by climate change
  • Create a regular platform for international cooperation on planetary security.

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