Planetary Security Conference

On December 5-6, the Planetary Security Conference took place at the Peace Palace in The Hague. The event addressed the risks of climate change and built upon the results of the previous year’s conference. Numerous experts and high-level stakeholders participated, including representatives from various national ministries, embassies and international institutions such as NATO and the European Union.

At the conference, Gender Concerns International stressed the importance and need for women’s participation in combating climate change and other environmental challenges. The organisation attended COP 22 where it launched the Post-COP Gender Watch International Network (G-WIN) initiative. The Post-COP G-WIN offers a multi-stakeholder platform for Women’s and Civil Society Organisations to audit agreements and declarations adopted at COP, monitor implementation and promote new gender-sensitive environmental initiatives. Thereby, this initiative will help to ensure women’s active participation and support of gender-responsive environmental policies.

The Planetary Security Conference is part of the 2015 Planetary Security Initiative launched by the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

If you have any questions about G-WIN, or if you as a female leader and/or Women’s Organisation wish to sign up to the network, please write to the G-WIN secretariat based in The Hague at